Patient Care Pathway

Patient care pathway for an endoscopic sleeve

1st Meeting

Initial doctor’s appointment with Dr Manos in order to discuss the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and confirm whether this procedure is a good option for the patient.

Bariatric assessment

Three-day bariatric assessment at Clinique Bouchard in order to perform a series of medical exams and tests:

Day 1

Patients check in and are assigned to a room.
A blood test is taken and they are set up for a sleep study.

Day 2

Consultation with the bariatric specialist, Jessica Roux.
Consultation with a cardiologist, nutritionist, psychiatrist and pulmonologist.
Consultation with the anesthesiologists.

Day 3

Fibroscopy with Dr Manos
Meeting with the fitness consultant
Consultation with the bariatric specialist for patient discharge from the clinic.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty at Clinique Bouchard

  1. Patient admission very early in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Transfer to the operating room for the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty performed by Dr Manos.
  3. Patients wake up in the recovery room and are taken back to their room.
  4. Afternoon and night spent at Clinique Bouchard under medical observation.
  5. The patient is discharged in the early afternoon, the day after the procedure.

To maximize results, patients need to adhere to a proper diet and exercise regimen.

After the procedure

Check-up 1 month, 6 month and 12 month after the procedure at Clinique Bouchard.

Patient care Pathway for an intragastric balloon

Before the gastric balloon procedure

After your meeting with Dr Manos, you will meet with Audrey, his assistant, who will brief you on the protocol and dietary and sport management.

Make an appointment for a consultation with the anaesthetist at the Bouchard clinic for the fibroscopy and balloon procedure.

The procedure will be carried out during two outpatient appointments to be booked with Dr Manos’ secretary at his practise.

1st Meeting

Admissions office for admission
Preparation in your room
Return home, accompanied, 2 hours after the procedure intervention, with prescriptions and report

2nd meeting

Admissions office for admission
Preparation in your room
Gastric balloon procedure
Return home, accompanied, 3 hours after the procedure intervention, with prescriptions and report

After 6 months

Appointment at Dr Manos’ practise to assess weight loss and fix an appointment to remove the balloon during an outpatient procedure.

Important: dietary nutritional monitoring is essential for progressive weight loss and stabilisation once the balloon has been removed.

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